Exciting updates to IXL for iOS

Science, Social Studies, and Spanish skills are now available!

We’ve updated the IXL apps for iPhone and iPad so you can learn all of our subjects on the go!

Science and Social Studies for iPhone

Now, science and social studies are available on the IXL iPhone app. If you subscribe to these subjects, you can now practice them in the iPhone app just like on iPad, Kindle, and Android tablets! From molecules to maps, you’ve got the power to explore at your fingertips.









Learn Spanish on iPhone and iPad

And, IXL’s Spanish language learning curriculum is now available on both iPhone and iPad! With this update, you can practice any and all IXL content within your iPhone or iPad app. Make sure you’re subscribed to the subjects you’d like, and update the app today!        




More Mobile to Love

Don’t have an iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry! Check out all of IXL’s mobile apps here, and remember that you can always access IXL in your mobile browser at www.ixl.com. Grab your device and take learning with you anytime, anywhere!