Tips for making screen time valuable

Check out these smart screen time strategies

It’s no secret that kids are spending more time looking at screens than ever before. But never fear—you can still make sure your child’s time is productive and educational!

According to a University of Michigan study, the activities on the screen make all the difference. The study examined children ages 4 to 11 and found that “how children use the devices, not how much time they spend on them, is the strongest predictor of emotional or social problems connected with screen addiction.”

The key is there’s a difference between active and passive screen time. While too much passive screen time has been shown to have negative effects, active screen time can be beneficial!

So how can we tell the difference? Passive screen time can include watching TV or videos, scrolling through social media, and even playing games that don’t involve cognitive activity. Essentially, screen time that doesn’t require thought, creativity, or interaction should be limited as much as possible.

Instead, encourage children to spend time on activities that engage their cognitive thinking. This can take many different forms, and the important thing to look out for is whether your child is interacting directly with content that challenges their brain.

IXL is specifically designed to actively engage learners. Students dive right in, learning concepts through practice, exploration, and immediate feedback. And with full curriculum across K-12 subjects, you can find skills in nearly any topic you’re looking for!

ABCya games are another great example of active screen time. From Ice Cream Talk to Pecking Order, each game fully engages the learner in the task at hand. Plus, thoughtful interactions and whimsical visuals make learning fun!

Some active screen time can even have physical benefits. Games like Pokemon Go and Wii Fit are proven to have similar benefits to moderate physical activities like walking, skipping and jogging.

With this simple switch from passive to active screen time, you can rest easy knowing that your kids are having fun and learning at the same time!