Four Things Teachers Can Do in the Summer for an Easier Back-to-School Season

Summer is a time to relax, recharge, and catch up with friends and family. Be sure to enjoy these months to their fullest, but also consider using a bit of your time to get a jump on the upcoming school year. Tackling these four tasks now will set you up for a smooth transition into fall:


Summer is the perfect time to clean out your classroom so you can start fresh in the new school year! If you weren’t able to put things away as you would have liked during the end-of-year chaos, get into your classroom and organize your closets, desk, and files. Spending just a few days organizing during the more relaxed summer months will allow you to start with a fresh, clean state in the fall.


The decorations you choose for your classroom will set the tone for both you and your students, so pick a theme that reflects your personality and makes you happy. If you are looking to try something new, check out Pinterest or other websites for inspiration! 

In particular, bulletin boards can be great focal points in the classroom. Be sure to think ahead about smooth ways to transition these seasonally, such as designating one or two of your boards as seasonal boards while keeping the others static during the year. Getting creative can help you save a few bucks. Fabric can make a colorful and cost-effective background for bulletin boards and will hold up year after year, for example.  


Take the opportunity to prepare and update your communications with students and parents. For example, you could refresh your classroom website, or examine how you communicated with students and parents during the last school year and see if there are improvements that can be made. 

Summer is also a good time to think about how to share back-to-school information. Whether it’s  creating back to school packets for parents or writing welcome letters for students, it’s a good idea to pace this out over your quiet months. You can even use IXL’s parent handout to introduce ways for parents to use IXL at home!


As you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, reflect on how your previous year went. Take a look at your lessons plans and note what worked well and what you want to approach differently in the new school year. Summer is also a perfect time to plan out seating charts, center packets, and classroom management ideas. Plus, the copy machine line is much shorter during the summer months, so take advantage of the chance to get ahead on any printouts you need!