New on IXL: Suggest skills to individual students and classes!

And, introducing permanent skill IDs

Guess what, teachers? Just in time for back to school, we’re bringing you a new feature that’s been at the top of your wishlists: the ability to suggest IXL skills to individual classes or students!

Suggesting skills to individual classes and students

It’s now easier than ever to have each student work on the skills that are most relevant for them! Simply hover your mouse over the gray star next to a skill name, and a menu will appear with a list of your students, sorted by class.

  • To suggest a skill to a class, click the star next to the class.
  • To suggest a skill to an individual student, click on the name of a class to see a list of students in that class. From there, click on the star next to a student’s name to suggest the skill to them.
  • To suggest a skill to your entire roster, click the star next to “All students” in the menu. You can also still simply click the star that appears next to the skill on the grade, topic, or skill plan page.
  • To turn off a suggestion, simply click the star again.

The skill you suggested will immediately be starred and highlighted for your selected class or student.


Additionally, students can now access all of their suggested skills in one place! They can head to their Recommendations page and click the link next to the star icon at the top right of the page.


Permanent skill IDs

You may have noticed that along with the updates to suggested skills, each skill now has a permanent skill ID. This is a unique identifier that will never change! That means that even as we add new content or reorganize our skills, you can always use the skill ID to find your favorite skills. (And we plan on adding a lot of great new skills this school year, so stay tuned!)

How to use skill IDs

  • Each permanent skill ID is a three-digit alphanumeric code, and it appears on the upper right corner of the skill preview. To see it, hover your mouse over the name of a skill.
  • Use these skill IDs as search shortcuts! Teachers and students can type these IDs into the search bar at the top of any IXL page to quickly pull up the skill.
  • If you have included IXL skills on any static resources (like trackers or printouts) that you’ll reference during the year, we recommend using the skill IDs as they’ll never change.