Boosting teacher engagement with IXL

As an administrator, you may have found that some of your teachers have embraced the use of IXL, while others are more reluctant. And research shows that schools that implement IXL consistently across all grade levels perform better on high-stakes assessments. So how can you help all your teachers become engaged with IXL? We’ve put together a few ideas below.

Teachers as leaders

One of the things that I learned quickly as an administrator was the power of having your staff members take on leadership roles. With Analytics for School Leaders, you have data on teacher usage to help identify your IXL teacher leaders. Take a look at the Teacher Engagement report to identify teachers who have successfully completed the “Engaged Use” stage. These teachers can become your school’s “IXL Teacher Mentors.” Ask them how they’re using IXL to provide targeted instruction, and have them share their best practices with their peers. Their success stories can inspire your less engaged teachers to use IXL more frequently and in more effective ways. 


Narrow your focus

With so much going on in your building on a daily basis, it can be challenging to figure out where to focus your efforts—but Analytics for School Leaders can help. Go to the Progress and Growth report, which helps you compare IXL usage and progress across the grade levels in your building. You can then determine which grade or grades most need your attention, and either provide support yourself, or enlist the help of your IXL Teacher Mentors.


Provide learning opportunities

Just like our students, teachers may need different avenues to learn how to best use IXL. Collaborate with your IXL Teacher Mentors to come up with a list of ideas. One suggestion would be to allow teachers the opportunity to observe other teachers who use IXL in a unique way. In my building, we used a pineapple chart where teachers would post the lesson time and lesson topic when they would open their classroom doors for their colleagues to come in and observe.  

You could also set aside time during a faculty meeting or institute day to take a deep dive into the teacher-tested strategies from IXL’s Elite 100 pages and create a shared document with great ideas from your teachers can try. Or, share IXL blog posts from time to time in your weekly staff email to keep teachers informed about new IXL features, tips, and tricks.