The IXL Continuous Diagnostic is now available in the iPad app!

Enter the Diagnostic arena and discover your knowledge levels

You asked, and we answered! The Continuous Diagnostic is now available within the iPad app, complete with intuitive and exciting new visuals. Try it out now!

Enter the Diagnostic arena

In the new Diagnostic tab, students can answer questions to discover their current knowledge levels. They will periodically have a choice on which question they’d like to answer, keeping them engaged in their own learning. Plus, with handwriting recognition, they can fill in the answers to math questions by writing on the screen! 





Reveal current knowledge levels

As students answer questions in the arena, the Continuous Diagnostic will narrow down their knowledge levels. Colorful stars represent their progress in a fun way–when a strand has been pinpointed, the star will reveal their level!

The Continuous Diagnostic also creates personalized recommendations for the best skills to work on next, which can be explored in the Recommendations tab!

Try it out now!



Teachers: Check out our 3-step  implementation guide for how to use the Continuous Diagnostic with your students. 

Want to use the Continuous Diagnostic on a different device? Just visit in your mobile browser!