Explore our new ELA textbook skill plans!

Find the perfect skills for each chapter

Here’s some exciting ELA news: We recently released our first skill plans for middle and high school! These skill plans are perfectly in tune with your textbooks, making it easy to find the right skills to enhance your students’ learning. Read on to learn more!

Our English language arts skill plan page now offers skill plans for the popular HMH Collections textbook series, available for grades 6-12 for both the California and Common Core editions. We’ve also added our first ELA skill plans for the Units of Study textbooks, covering both Reading and Writing in the first unit of grade 4.

Like our other textbook skill plans, these new additions show all the IXL skills that align to each chapter. They’re a great way to make sure students master those textbook concepts—and a great tool to use for targeted individual practice, small group work, and whole-class instruction!

Wondering how else you can incorporate IXL skill plans into your daily instruction? This blog post shares how to pin skill plans for easy access and track skill plan progress in IXL Analytics! And for even more info, check out our free webinar: Boost your daily instruction with IXL.