Exciting updates to IXL Skill Plans

Find the perfect skills for SATs, standards, and more!

September 13, 2019


In the Classroom

IXL Skill Plans are a powerful new way to find the perfect skill for every lesson. Read on to see how we’re making this lesson-planning lifesaver even more helpful in your classroom!








New SAT skill plan

Prepping for the SATs? Our new SAT Math skill plan has the exact skills to get students ready for the test. Check it out here!



New standards skill plans

Help students master essential concepts with skills that match your state standards! Common Core skill plans for math and ELA are now available for Kindergarten through 8th grade. We’re working to expand our state standards skill plans, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can always see your state’s standards on our standards alignment page.



New feature: Pin your skill plans

Found a skill plan you love? Hover over it and click the pin icon for easy access! Your pinned skill plans will appear on the Skill Plans page for you and your students.



New feature: Track skill plan progress in Analytics

View your Analytics reports based on your favorite skill plans! In Trouble Spots and Score Grid, use the filters at the top of the report to select a skill plan that you have pinned—you’ll see only skills that appear on that skill plan! In other reports, when using the dropdown menu to select a skill, you can also find skills through your preferred skill plans. Check it out



And even more! 

In case you missed it, we have skill plans covering more than 30 textbook series and assessments including ACT, NWEA MAP, and TABE. Check out all our skill plans for math and English language arts

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All Comments (2)

Kelly McMahan December 13, 2019 at 12:04 pm

My class actively uses IXL, however, our textbook is not listed. We have McGraw-Hill and 6th, 7th and 8th are there but the “Accelerated” math book isn’t. Is there a way to get that added? Also, is there a way to only pin a skill plan to one class? If we have it pinned, anything we hi-light is seen by all of the classes and they might night pertain to them. Thanks for any info you can provide.


The IXL Team December 13, 2019 at 4:42 pm

Hi Kelly — We’ll let our team know you’re interested in seeing the accelerated McGraw-Hill textbook skill plan! And, we’ll pass along your feedback that you’d like to pin skill plans for a specific class!


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