Día de los Muertos: Free Lesson Plan for Grades 2-3

Día de los Muertos is almost here and we’ve got the perfect way to celebrate: a free lesson plan for grades 2-3! These activities will help students expand their cultural knowledge and understand the history and traditions behind the holiday. Read on to get into the spirit of the season and download the lesson.

During this lesson, students will learn about the meaning of Día de los Muertos, compare and contrast the holiday with Halloween in the United States, and reinforce what they’ve learned with IXL Spanish content.

Anticipatory Set

As an introduction, project a picture of a Día de los Muertos altar (links included in the PDF) and have students discuss what they see. Students will then work together to brainstorm the meanings of the words “Día de los Muertos.”

Teaching Strategy

Create four stations in your classroom. Place students into small groups and assign one to each station. At their station, groups will watch a Youtube video and fill out the accompanying worksheet. After, students will work on a related IXL skill (with a minimum SmartScore of 80) and complete the Día de los Muertos vocabulary worksheet.

The full lesson plan, including worksheets, is available for download below:

Día de los Muertos Lesson Plan for Grades 2-3