5 classroom community & motivation ideas

Whether you have been using IXL for years, or only a couple of days, here are a few ways to get your entire class excited about practicing their skills on IXL!

Set Class Goals  

Establishing a sense of community is very important in the classroom, and IXL’s certificates are a great way to set a common goal for your students to work toward together. 

When your class achieves a milestone for their combined efforts, you will find a certificate in your Certificates Center. Your class will earn certificates for achieving excellence or mastery in a certain number of skills, spending a certain amount of time on IXL, or answering a certain number of IXL questions. We also have customizable certificates if you’d like to set your own goals! When your class earns a certificate, print it out and post it in the classroom to celebrate the accomplishment and look toward the next one.

You can reward students for achieving these milestones with some simple and free class-wide rewards, such as:

  • Flashlight Friday: Students bring in a flashlight and a blanket to school.  Turn off the lights, and students can read with their flashlights.
  • Voting on a class-wide game to play, such as kickball, Sharks and Minnows, Sparkle, etc.
  • PJ Day: Students can wear their pajamas to school for a day. Turn down the lights, project a roaring fireplace on the board, and students can read or draw for half an hour.
  • The entire class can earn time for free play on your classroom devices or in the computer lab
  • Have a class dance party and take song suggestions from students for half an hour 

Host an IXL “race”

If you are about to assign a skill to your class that you know is a review skill, or a skill that the class as a whole will do well on, you could consider making it a “Race to 90”! Project the Real-Time Center report on your board and see which student can get to a SmartScore of 90 the fastest! You could also split up students into groups for the races so that they can cheer each other on as if it were a sports game.

Award “table points” for IXL usage  

Do you have your student desks arranged in groups? Some teachers who do this reward each group of students with “table points” when they demonstrate good behavior. You can also include IXL in this system. Choose an IXL usage parameter such as: most combined minutes on IXL, most skills practiced to proficiency (SmartScore of 80), or even most time spent on IXL at home. Check the IXL Analytic reports on Friday or Monday and reward points to the top tables.

Run a Math-A-thon  

Another form of collaborative competition is to run a Math-A-Thon, where students practice IXL Math skills to raise money for your classroom or school. Check out our blog post to get all the details you need to get started!

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