Announcing the 2019 IXL Elite 100!

IXL reveals annual list of top teachers from around the world

Congratulations to this year’s Elite 100 teachers! Our sixth annual Elite 100 list honors educators from around the world who have shown the highest commitment to using IXL during the 2018-19 academic year. Our Elite 100 teachers continue to blow us away, and for the third consecutive year, nearly one-third of Elite 100 teachers are repeat winners!

The Elite 100 were selected from more than 400,000 teachers worldwide who use IXL. This year’s list of impressive teachers hail from more than 30 U.S. states and countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Elite 100 teachers use IXL in a variety of different ways to personalize learning for their students. They have tons of tips and strategies to share! 

“I use the Score Grid daily to track progress as it allows me to spend time with specific students on specific skills. It is the BEST tool! When you click the score, you can see the actual questions and what answer the student entered.” – Donna Bailey, Bartlett Elementary School, Bartlett, TN

“In my classroom, I use IXL to reinforce topics we’ve discussed either as a class or in small groups. I’ve found this really helps to improve student understanding and gives them more time to further develop a skill in order to achieve mastery. I absolutely LOVE using IXL as one of my daily stations in literacy and math to reinforce the skills we’ve learned!” – Melissa Adams, Lakeside Elementary School, Lake Village, AR

“I appreciate the Diagnostic feature the most. It’s given me the ability to put my students in differentiated groups just by clicking on a button! My students seem to be learning skills at a quicker rate because of the practice that they are doing on IXL. They are taking responsibility for their own success and are inspired by others that are doing well.” – Nicola Avena, Rupley Elementary School, Elk Grove Village, IL

“I use IXL for whole class instruction. After explaining a skill I ask my students to answer a question on IXL and from there we can address some misconceptions. I’m a bilingual teacher, and my students are acquiring the English language. The fact that they can click on the speaker and listen to the math word problems helps them a lot.” – Javier Velazquez, Charles R. Drew Elementary School, Crosby, TX

“My students love to peer tutor. IXL is challenging for them, so when they master a skill they are eager to teach what they have learned. And the new skill plans make my life so much easier!” – Robyn Mouser, Meridian Elementary School, Mounds, IL

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