Super-quick IXL PD ideas

Professional development on demand

Teachers! Want to learn more about IXL, but only have a few minutes? Check out these quick ways to level up your IXL knowledge anytime.

3 minutes or less: 

Implementation Guides

IXL is designed to be flexible, and there are many different ways you can use it in your classroom! We’ve outlined some of the most popular teaching tactics here. 

Not sure which strategy is for you? IXL for Daily Instruction is a great place to start!


Implementation Videos

Each video outlines a different way to use IXL as part of your everyday teaching routine.



10 minutes or less:

Brand new to IXL?

Our Teacher toolkit has everything you need to get up and running today.

Longtime IXL user?

Read strategies for success recommended by our Elite 100.



Have a little more time?

If you’re looking for more comprehensive IXL training, we’ve got you covered! 

30 minutes: 

Attend a webinar 

A dedicated IXL Professional Learning Specialist will walk you through core IXL strategies, with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


IXL Live

Become an instant expert on IXL in these hands-on workshops across the country!

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