Easy ways to use IXL for spring test prep

It’s the halfway point of the school year, and you know what that means—spring testing is right around the corner! Whether you’re gearing up for state testing or college placement exams, you can fit test prep into your teaching schedule with a few simple ideas. Check out the list below to ensure your students are ready for those high-stakes assessments:

Make use of IXL’s skill plans for state standards and test prep

IXL’s handy skill plans show you the skill that will set students up for success on their assessments! Skill plans are available for select state standards (see the exact skills aligned to each strand) and for specific exams like NWEA MAP Growth, the ACT, and the SAT (view skills that cover topics students will encounter on the test). From the skill plan, you can easily assign skills to students and access IXL Analytics to see how students are doing. 

To find your skill plan, choose a subject and click on the “Skill plans” tab at the top of the page. We also have standards alignments for all 50 states—view yours at ixl.com/standards

Have students achieve proficiency on skills

Now that you have a guide to the skills that will make a difference for students on the exam, make sure you set the right SmartScore goals for those skills: aiming for proficiency (a SmartScore of 80) will help to maximize student growth. IXL has conducted extensive research that shows that reaching proficiency on IXL skills leads to a positive impact on learners’ performance on assessments! 

Track progress toward assessment-aligned skills

After students have practiced their assigned skills, head the Analytics tab and check out the Score Grid report. Here you can use “Standards/Skill Plans” filter at the top of the page to view the report grouped either by state standard or by the skill plan you are using. Then, use the “Additional options” menu to view only skills with scores of 80 and above. This is a quick and easy way to see whether students completed their assignments! 

You can provide additional support to students by using the Trouble Spots report. Filter it by standard or skill plan, and you can easily see where students are struggling so you can and focus your instruction.

Plan for small-group teaching with the Real-Time Diagnostic

If you are using IXL’s diagnostic, you can use the Diagnostic Strand Analysis (under the Analytics tab) report to prioritize your reteaching. The Diagnostic Strand Analysis groups students working at similar levels within a strand and lists the skills that each group would benefit from working on. These skill recommendations are at just the right level for that group, giving you easy access to resources that will help students fill knowledge gaps and make progress in advance of their high-stakes assessments.

Prep high school students for exit exams and college placement tests

IXL can also be used to help high school students prep for the ACT and SAT. Our ACT skill plan 
provides leveled support for students by recommending IXL skills for the target score range students are aiming for, while our SAT skill plan provides skill alignments for the topics that are covered on the exam. You may want to have students work on these skill plans as part of their classwork, or simply direct them to the skill plans as a resource for independent study!