Make your own IXL BINGO Boards!

Motivate more learning with these new printables

Looking for a fun way to encourage learning and track progress? Check out IXL’s new BINGO Boards! 

You can customize the boards to match your exact learning goals. Plus, update the squares and use the board again and again!

Here are some ideas:

At home:

  • Fill up your board with the IXL skills you want your child to work on.
  • The Recommendations wall is full of skills tailored to your child’s unique needs. Add squares like, “Practice 3 skills from your Recommendations wall” or “Try 3 Work-it-out skills”!
  • Include other fun learning activities and goals—anything from science experiments to soccer practice is fair game.
  • Come up with a reward for success that will help motivate them!


In the classroom:

  • Unit learning: Have students fill up their board with IXL skills from your unit syllabus or skill plan. When they master the skill, they earn the square! At the end of the unit, students can turn in their winning board for bonus points.
  • Standards tracking / test prep: Fill up the board with all the IXL skills aligned to a standard, and award prizes to each winner. This is a great way to track students’ progress! At the end of the year, have students go back through the list of skills they didn’t master, and select skills to add to their new Test Prep BINGO board.
  • School breaks: For optional practice over the break, write in skill codes that you want students to work on. Give students prizes and recognition for winning BINGO when they come back!
  • Matching answers: Take screenshots of IXL questions and put them in a slide deck. Include each of the answers in random order on the opening slide, and have students fill up their cards with the answers. Then, go through the questions as a class. If students have the matching answer on their board, they can mark off that square!
  • Fun square ideas:
    • Practice a “Keep it up” skill on your IXL Recommendations Wall.
    • Answer 10 questions per week in the Diagnostic arena for 3 weeks in a row.
    • Teach a friend or family member how to do a skill that you’ve mastered.
    • Work on a recommendation from the Diagnostic.

Choose from four different themes and download your BINGO board!