IXL for school leaders: 3 steps for successful implementation

As a former public school principal, I understand that student achievement is top priority for instructional leaders. But how do you set those high expectations for your teachers and students when it comes to using an online learning platform like IXL? Let’s walk through 3 simple steps that can help you implement IXL with fidelity on your campus.

  1. Make IXL a regular habit

First, you want to communicate a clear expectation for consistent and regular use of IXL. However IXL is supporting your teachers’ instruction, the first step is to have students consistently sign in and answer questions. Research shows that just 15 IXL questions answered each week per subject will positively impact student achievement—so let your staff and students know that the time that they invest pays off. 

Wondering about all the ways teachers can utilize IXL to support their lessons? Start with IXL’s skill plans, which are aligned to your state standards and textbooks. There are even skill plans that teachers can use to prepare students for high stakes assessments!

  1. Provide staff and students with support

Learning something new can be intimidating, so providing your teachers with high quality professional development is a great way to maximize your IXL results. IXL offers a large menu of options when it comes to professional development, so you can find the best fit for your needs. Sit in on the training and learn alongside your staff so they can see that you are also a lifelong learner who will support them throughout the year! 

After the formal PD session, consider building in time during PLC or team meetings to allow teachers to share IXL best practices. This will foster a community of growth and engagement as teachers strengthen their implementation.

And when it comes to IXL support, don’t forget about your students! As a school leader, there are lots of ways you can motivate students to really make the most of IXL. Host special certificate ceremonies or pizza parties. Post an IXL Wall of Fame in a hallway to publicly celebrate milestones and IXL Students of the Week. Recognizing students’ hard work builds a positive school culture and will boost IXL usage, too. 

  1. Inspect what you expect

The last step of a successful IXL implementation is to check in on key data points like skills mastered and teacher engagement. Luckily, your Administrator Dashboard makes it easy to do this and more! With your dashboard, you can monitor and support IXL usage classroom by classroom. Your dashboard is also where you’ll find your School Achievement Summary; print or email the schoolwide data to celebrate your staff’s dedication to IXL and keep them focused on your goals. Some high-performing IXL schools even live stream their IXL usage data so that it is publicly available when you walk into the front office of the campus—talk about using data to drive instruction!

Greet your IXL goals when you walk through the doors of your school!

By Aura Plair, IXL District Partnership Specialist