Building a learning routine for kids at home

With schools closed across the country, parents and guardians are adjusting to having their children at home with them all day. So, we’ve compiled a few tips for how to support your kids and keep them occupied during this time. 


Keep a routine

We know that children of all ages need structure and routines, so while school is out, create a new weekday routine for your children at home. Write up a schedule for the day and print it out so that everyone in the house is aware of the plan and sticks to it.  


Create a study space

It’s important that children have a place to study and work on their at-home learning assignments. If you don’t already have a space, designate a room or area in your home and stock it with the supplies your child needs to complete their assignments for the day. This may mean converting your dining room table to a desk for the time being, for example. Having this space will help your student concentrate and be successful while working from home! 


Get moving

School activities and sports may be cancelled, but it is still important that your children—and you!get some exercise. If weather allows, go for a walk or a bike ride (while practicing safe social distancing, of course). This is a great time to spend some time outdoors or in your backyard, or to try out an at-home workout for the whole family. Schedule movement into your days and make it part of your routine.



Reading is crucial for learning and development, and reading for at least 30 minutes a day will help your children continue to grow while out of school. Their teachers may have already assigned them reading, but you can also encourage your children to read for pleasure too! If you have a tablet, check out the free e-books that your library offers. If you need recommendations for good books for your children, consider emailing their teacher for ones that suit their reading level, or search for book lists online. 


Utilize online resources

There are a lot of great resources available online to help support your student during this time. For example, ABCya provides fun learning games for students in pre-K through 5th grade, and’s engaging activities help learners improve their word knowledge. IXL has adaptive skill practice in four subjects that will allow your students to continue learning while at home. If you want to take things offline, provides a variety of worksheets that you can print out and have your child complete.