Daily learning plans for at-home learning

To help make it easy for teachers and parents to keep their learners….well, learning, while they’re at home, we’ve created a series of daily learning plans!

These Spring Spotlight plans cover the essential concepts for each grade level in math and language arts. Each day, there are two skills for learners to work on to review and solidify their knowledge of the critical content they’ve learned this school year. Here’s how to use the plans:



Find the appropriate Spring Spotlight plan for your class. Then, check out this 3-step guide! It will walk you through how to:

  1. Assign skills daily using Suggested Skills
  2. Set SmartScore goals for students
  3. Use IXL Analytics to get insight into progress

And for more educator resources and strategies for at-home learning, visit IXL’s At-home Learning Hub!



Find the Spring Spotlight plan for your child’s grade level. Each day, have your child:

  1. Practice the IXL skills listed for that day
    1. Tip: If your child needs a refresher on the concept before they start a skill, click on “Learn with an example” at the top of the page!
  1. For each skill, aim to reach a SmartScore of 80 (which indicates proficiency)
    1. Every IXL skill adapts to your child, guiding them from simpler tasks to more complex problems, so they can learn at their own pace!
    2. If your child reaches proficiency and wants an extra challenge, have them aim for mastery–—a SmartScore of 100.

For more ways to use IXL with your child while they’re away from the classroom, visit IXL’s Family Learning Hub!