Family fun—without the screens!

I don’t know about you, but in our home, the amount of time we are spending staring at screens has increased dramatically since we’ve been sheltered-in-place. Our days are spent on our computers and evenings and weekends are spent binge watching TV and movies or playing video games. In an effort to give us all a break from the screens, here are some activities your family can enjoy together that don’t require a device!


Art night

I’ll be honest, I am the only one excited about this in my house, but I’ve ordered paint by number pictures for a family paint night! You don’t have to order anything to have an art night at home, though. There are a lot of great art ideas that you can do with things in your own home, like turning your egg cartons into spring flower art.



Dig out your old puzzles and spend some time each day putting one together as a family. If you don’t have any puzzles, check out your local game store and see if they are doing curbside pickups of puzzles or games. This way, you can support local small businesses while entertaining yourselves! 


Cooking challenge 

Set up a cooking or baking challenge for your family! Let the person who usually does most of the cooking sit this one out and judge the competition. You can do it Chopped style and provide a mystery ingredient and let everyone get creative. Or, if your children are too young to cook or bake on their own, have a cookie or cupcake decorating contest instead. 


Listen to a book

Instead of watching a movie, pick an audiobook to listen to together. Set aside some time each day when everyone gathers together to listen to the book. Use the book as a springboard for new discussion and conversation topics. Check out your local library’s website and popular retailers for free audiobooks. 


Science experiments

There are a lot of fun science experiments you can do with materials you already have at home. Getting students engaged in hands-on learning is both fun and educational. You may even be able to find an IXL science skill that helps your child understand the concept behind your activity!


Fitness challenge

Staying fit and healthy is a challenge we are all facing during this time. Consider setting up a daily fitness challenge for everyone in your house. It’s good for everyone’s physical and mental health and a great way for children to get their energy out. There are plenty of companies offering free streaming and on-demand workout videos right now, so you can try a new one each day. You can even make it a game and take turn rolling dice to determine the exercises! 

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