New IXL features for teachers

Teachers: we know that many of you are adjusting to setting your students up with at-home learning, and at IXL, we’re working hard to provide you with the support you need. We recently released a variety of exciting and helpful new updates to IXL that we hope will make distance learning and teaching a little easier to navigate for you and your students. Read on to learn more!


eLearning Library free to all teachers for rest of school year 

We’ve made the eLearning Library fully available to all teachers free of charge for the rest of the school year. The library contains on-demand video PD for every feature of IXL and strategies to effectively personalize learning for your students. You can and even earn a certificate for completing an hour of PD! 


SmartScores shown in Suggested Skills hover 

We’ve updated the suggested skills hover menu to display each student’s current SmartScore in that skill. Having this information at your fingertips can help you more easily decide whether to suggest or de-suggest a skill for each student! 


Import rosters from spreadsheets 

To make importing and setting up rosters easier, you can now upload a list of students in spreadsheet format. This new method is faster and less error-prone than typing in students’ information manually, especially if you have a large class! Just look for the “Import students menu” at the top right of your roster. 


Email usernames and passwords to students

You can now send an email to each student with their username and password! Just look for the link at the top of your roster. This feature will be available for the rest of the school year to help students get signed in to IXL while they are learning at home.

Audio support for science

We’ve added audio for science questions! Similar to other subjects, audio support is available for everyone in grade 2 and can be optionally extended to grades 3-5 from your Profile & Settings menu.


More Real-Time Diagnostic data in IXL Analytics:


  • Diagnostic usage data now available in Students Quickview and Student Details: The Students Quickview and Student Details reports now include Real-Time Diagnostic usage data, such as the number of diagnostic questions a student answered and how much time they spent diagnosing. With this update, it’s much easier for you to hold students accountable for answering Diagnostic questions regularly!