Motivate learning over the summer

When students use the summer months to practice concepts they learned during the school year, they are better prepared for school in the fall. But as parents, how can we motivate our kids to continue learning during their summer break? 

IXL’s printable coupons are a simple and fun way to reward your children for their summertime efforts and inspire them to keep learning all summer long! By setting achievable goals and celebrating success, you can ensure that they are always working toward the next challenge. 

The best part? You can get started with our pre-filled suggestions, or customize your own with the goals and incentives that work best for your child!

Here are a few more ideas for inspiration: 

IXL achievement


Practice for 2 hours Candy of your choice
Reach Proficiency on two “Work it Out” skills Choose the movie or board game for Family Night
Master 5 “Go for Gold” skills Craft of your choice
Practice for 30 minutes each day for a week Camp in the backyard for a night
Master 10 “Keep At It” skills Day with no chores
Practice for 5 hours Special day with Mom or Dad


Not sure which IXL skills your child should work on? We’ve got you covered with ready-made resources:

  • Summer Adventures: We’ve hand-picked skills with fun themes to help your child keep their skills fresh and explore new topics.
  • Summer Boost: These skill plans review key concepts from last year and prep your child for topics from the next in math and English language arts.
  • Summer Break Strategies guide: Let your child choose their own learning path! By selecting skills from their personalized Recommendations wall, they’ll always be working on skills aligned to their needs.

Check out even more fun summer learning ideas for families here.

With IXL on their side, your child will be ready to take on the fall!