Fun summer learning ideas for families

While summer is a great time to relax and unwind, it’s also important for learners to keep their minds engaged! With just a few learning activities each week, parents can make sure that their children’s skills remain sharp through the summer months, so they’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the fall.

Here are some tips to help your child continue making progress this summer in a fun way!

Consult with your child’s teacher

If teachers provide guidance on which summer activities will best support your child, create a plan for completing those tasks. One little-known fact is that if your child had access to online learning platforms (like IXL) throughout the school year, they likely have access over the summer as well. Check in with their teacher and be sure to utilize those free resources! 


Keep your child reading

My number one piece of advice for parents is to encourage summer reading! Check out your local library’s website for fun reading programs and challenges. Libraries also provide free access to eBooks, so your child can have plenty of books to choose from without leaving the house. Scholastic is also hosting a Read-A-Palooza this summer, which includes free access to books, helps kids keep track of their reading, and even motivates them with fun rewards.


Use IXL’s summer resources

Check out our Summer Resources page to access a variety of activities you can use to keep your child motivated even after school has ended. This summer, we’ve also created Summer Boost skill plans for math and English language arts that provide students with key skills for each grade level. These are great skills to have your child begin working on right away! Consider using the customizable BINGO board in conjunction with the skill plan to make a fun review activity for your child. 

For those with a teen at home, have them utilize our SAT and ACT test prep skill plans to get a jumpstart on preparing for college entrance exams. 


Keep learning fun

There are many online games that promote learning and keep children entertained! ABCya has a wide selection of standards-aligned games that are super fun, while also helping children keep their skills fresh. also has a large variety of educational games and printable worksheets to explore! Their weekly Summer Boost resources are a great place to start.


Don’t forget the arts

While summer travel and many activities may not be possible this summer, there are a lot of virtual opportunities to help your child explore museums, music, and art. The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) hosts a virtual experience each week that can expose the entire family to new art without leaving the house. You can also check out the online tours and exhibitions provided by the Smithsonian. If you’d like to experience a concert from the comfort of your home, The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts offers #concertsforkids. 

Most of all, I recommend finding fun learning activities that work for your family! With just a little time dedicated to them each week, you can make a huge difference in your child’s learning.

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