Personalized study plans for SAT and ACT

IXL helps students achieve success on college entrance exams! Our new personalized study plans for the ACT and SAT guide each student to focus on the exact IXL skills that will improve their scores.

Personalized study guide for each student

Students can enter their scores from a previous test or practice test, and IXL will generate a personalized list of IXL skills they should work on to improve their scores in each topic. At any time, they can enter updated scores to get targeted next steps for continued progress.


Streamline test prep and accelerate achievement

With IXL’s personalized study plans, students know the specific concepts they need to review, and have the perfect content to do so at their fingertips. Each IXL skill adapts in difficulty to help students build understanding, while complete answer explanations help students learn from their mistakes and make progress.


Powerful test prep tool, built right into IXL

For high schools that use the ACT or SAT as an exit exam, these study plans provide teachers and students with a simple and powerful way to prepare for these assessments.



What if a student doesn’t have previous test scores?

Check out our existing test prep skill plans! Students can enter their target score, and IXL will outline the skills they should begin working on to get there.