Your ready-made lesson plans

IXL has done the lesson planning for you with skill plans! Our curriculum team has mapped out your instructional resources and custom-built IXL skills to precisely match each topic you’ll cover. With skill plans built specifically for your textbook, state standards, test preparation plans, and more, the perfect content to reinforce each concept is always at your fingertips. 

You can assign skills to students, check for understanding, and track progress through the curriculum directly within your skill plan, making it a one-stop solution for meeting your instructional goals. And skill plans work with any classroom format, so they can support students learning at home or in the classroom.

Find the perfect skill plan for your instruction this fall:

Fall Power-up 

IXL’s Fall Power-up skill plans provide daily skill recommendations that review critical concepts from the previous year, so students are caught up and ready to move forward.

Available for K-12 in both math and English language arts, the skill plans feature 1-2 skills per day covering important concepts from the previous grade level. With four weeks worth of content, Fall Power-up skill plans are the perfect place to get started this fall!


State standards

IXL has state standards skill plans for all 50 states! Each skill is custom-built to align with your state’s specific standards, so you can feel confident that you have the exact content for your needs. And because every standard is unpacked into several highly targeted skills, you’ll know exactly what your students should work on to meet key benchmarks. 



We have comprehensive skill plans for more than 80 popular textbook series! With IXL skills crafted to perfectly match each chapter, you can rest assured that your students are practicing the exact concept you just covered in your lesson.


Test prep

Want to make sure learners are prepared for upcoming assessments? We have skill plans built specifically for the NWEA MAP, ACT, SAT, TABE, and more!