Achieve standards readiness with checkpoint skills

Get your students standards-ready with new checkpoint skills! Students apply multiple concepts when working through rigorous questions in these skills, preparing them for higher achievement on standardized assessments. And as a teacher, you’ll be able to use insights from IXL Analytics to evaluate your class’s proficiency on critical standards and identify students who need support with foundational skills.  

Checkpoint skills are now available for 8th grade math, Algebra 1, and Geometry, covering Common Core and most state standards. They’re easy to find, too. Each one is labeled with “Checkpoint” in the name and has a blue flag icon.

How to use checkpoint skills

You can incorporate checkpoint skills into your instruction in a variety of ways. Assign them at the end of a unit or in the spring ahead of state exams.

Have your students answer at least 6-10 questions in a checkpoint skill to get started. This gives IXL enough data to provide meaningful insights on a student’s readiness for the standard/s covered by that skill. 

If a student answers a question incorrectly on a checkpoint skill, IXL identifies gaps in their knowledge and recommends the specific foundational skills they should work on to improve.

After answering 6-10 questions, students can aim to reach proficiency (a SmartScore of 80) if they feel ready, or pause and work on their recommended foundational skills.

As students practice checkpoint skills, you will begin to uncover meaningful insights in the Skill Analysis report. There, you’ll see the percentage of students who are proficient in these skills, helping you determine which learners are ready to move forward and which students may need some additional support. You’ll also see students organized into groups based on gaps in foundational skills, along with a helpful carousel of problems that you can use during remediation.

Plus, you can get a high-level view of your students’ overall standards readiness in our new Checkpoint Performance report.

Learn more about how checkpoint skills can help you assess and address standards readiness in our full implementation guide

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