New on IXL: the Checkpoint Performance report

Checkpoints offer teachers a powerful tool to assess and address their students’ standards readiness. Built specifically to align with the rigor of state assessments, each Checkpoint challenges students to strategically apply knowledge from multiple concepts. Based on a student’s work on Checkpoints, you can determine their proficiency on key standards.

And now, you have a new way to get a high-level view of class performance with the Checkpoint Performance report! This report shows you the percentage of students who are proficient, not proficient, or do not have enough practice in each Checkpoint. You can also use filters on the Checkpoint Performance report to see results for Checkpoints in a specific grade level or from your pinned skill plans.

Checkpoint Performance report preview

Additionally, the Checkpoint Performance report has a link to each skill’s Skill Analysis report so you can easily dive in for a more detailed look at student proficiency. The Skill Analysis report shows foundational skills that will help students fill in learning gaps, and groups pupils based on where they are on the path toward skill mastery to simplify small-group instruction.

With Checkpoints and the Checkpoint Performance report, it’s easy to get a quick read on student readiness ahead of state assessments or end-of-unit exams! You can find the Checkpoint Performance report in IXL Analytics under the Skills tab while signed in to IXL.

For detailed steps on using Checkpoints in your classroom, check out IXL’s implementation guide for standards readiness.