Dive into IXL’s guides for remote and hybrid learning

As you adapt to new styles of teaching this school year, we want to help you provide the best educational experience possible for your students. To smooth the transition to distance learning, we’ve created a series of guides that will show you how IXL can be easily used in remote and hybrid learning environments. Learn about all of the guides below and then head over to our Back-to-School Hub for even more details on how to use IXL this fall!

IXL for At-Home Learning

This implementation guide will teach you how to find and assign the right skills for your lessons, set SmartScore goals, and use IXL Analytics to track how much progress students have made from home.  

IXL for the Virtual Classroom

Get tips on how to deliver your IXL lesson through Zoom, monitor student progress using Live Classroom (a teacher favorite!), and gain insights into your students’ understanding of lessons. 

IXL for Live Assessment

Find the perfect skills for your lesson, use Live Classroom to assess learners in real time, and get in-depth data on student performance with the help of IXL Analytics. 

IXL Real-Time Diagnostic Guide for Teachers

Use the Real-Time Diagnostic to pinpoint knowledge levels, find learning gaps, and get personalized action plans with the precise skills to help learners grow. You’ll also find additional tips on how to narrow in on student levels while in a hybrid- or remote-learning format. 

Fall Power-up Skill Plans

Take the guesswork out of determining what your students missed last spring. Our Fall Power-up skill plans are designed specifically for the 2020 back-to-school season and will steer students toward skills that fill in missing gaps from the previous year. 

At-home Learning: Individual Action Plans

Learn how to utilize personalized action plans that help students fill knowledge gaps and make progress in overall grade-level proficiency while away from the classroom. 

At-home Learning: Personalized Practice

Use the Recommendations wall to empower student choice and set practice goals, then track progress using IXL Analytics to deliver at-home personalized learning.

IXL for Hybrid Learning

Gain insight into how you can deliver effective in-class instruction with IXL’s skill plans, facilitate independent learning while at home, and utilize IXL Analytics to provide focused reteaching.