Spanish support for IXL Math

IXL Math is now available in Spanish! On-demand Spanish translation allows English Language Learners (ELLs) to succeed in math, while simultaneously helping them make strides in English proficiency. 

With both text and audio translations, IXL’s Spanish support helps students make progress in essential math skills even if they are still building their English language abilities. This removes barriers to success for Spanish-speakers by allowing them to view and hear math questions in their native language.

At the same time, IXL’s unique approach to Spanish support helps ELLs build their academic language proficiency by presenting questions in English by default, and allowing students to choose to toggle between Spanish and English. This encourages students to tackle problems in English first, and use the translation tools as a scaffold when needed.

IXL’s Spanish support is currently available for key math skills in 2nd through 6th grade, and provides solid coverage of state standards including the Common Core and TEKS.

Teachers and parents can set up Spanish support from their Profile & Settings menu. Tip: if you’d like learners to have access to Spanish audio translations as well, be sure to toggle the ‘extend audio support’ setting on, too!

Skills that offer Spanish support will be marked with a blue “ES” logo on the grade landing pages and in skill plans.

Teachers can also toggle questions between Spanish and English in the Questions Log report for students who have Spanish support enabled. This makes it easy for teachers to review questions with the student in Spanish and provide key math support, while strengthening their English proficiency.