The assessment results you need this year

With standardized tests and year-end assessments cancelled last spring, we know many educators were left without the critical student data they need.

The IXL Real-Time Diagnostic can help. Built right into IXL, the diagnostic accurately assesses students’ grade-level proficiency in math and English language arts. The diagnostic determines each student’s current knowledge levels across key strands, and creates a personalized action plan of the exact IXL skills to work on to make progress.

The best part? Students can complete the diagnostic from anywhere—whether they’re in the classroom or learning remotely—and it only takes 45 minutes per subject! 

These real-time insights allow you to see and address students’ knowledge gaps from the spring, and help them make progress faster this fall. Plus, with just 10 diagnostic questions per week, students’ knowledge levels stay up to date—providing you with the insights you need year-round.


Get live assessment results

Using the Real-Time Diagnostic is simple, and we have comprehensive guides to support teachers, students, and parents through the process. See them all on our new diagnostic resource page.

Create a successful schoolwide implementation

Admins, do you want student assessment results that are always up to date? See how to support teachers and build an ongoing routine that works for your school in our admin implementation guide


See the Diagnostic in action


The latest Diagnostic updates

Now, teachers can assign the diagnostic to their students! This allows you to easily guide learners to the diagnostic, and encourage them to keep their levels up to date. Learn more here.

Students’ diagnostic stats have a new look! This vibrant report makes discovering their own learning levels even more engaging and fun for students. See the updates here.