IXL features that support young learners

IXL takes personalization seriously, and that means tailoring learning to each developmental stage. To enhance the experience for young learners, IXL now offers additional audio support for students still learning to read, QR codes for an easier and more seamless sign-in experience, and more. Read on for the full list of ways that IXL supports young learners.

Audio for math explanations

Listen up—we’ve added audio support to the explanations for math problems in grades pre-K through 2! If a student answers a math question incorrectly, IXL provides the right answer with a specific step-by-step audio explanation, so students receive immediate feedback and learn from their mistakes. This audio support allows emerging readers to learn and practice math independently, and get the in-the-moment support they need.

Want to hear audio explanations in action? Try out this skill and start exploring!

Audio support for core subjects

In addition to providing audio support for math explanations, IXL also reads aloud text for questions in math, language arts, science, and the Real-Time Diagnostic, up through the 2nd-grade level. Audio support can be extended to include grades 3–8 for math skills and diagnostic questions, and grades 3–5 in language arts and science skills.

Handwriting recognition with the IXL app

IXL’s award-winning mobile app allows students to practice thousands of skills anytime, anywhere. With handwriting recognition, students can write in answers with their fingers instead of using the keyboard. This feature ensures that our content is more accessible for younger students, who may not be familiar with typing out their answers on a keyboard. Download the app on your Android, Kindle, and iOS devices.

Easy app sign-in

Students can sign into the IXL app quickly with LaunchCards! Available for iOS and Android devices, students can scan their personal QR code for instant access. This feature makes the sign-in process much easier for younger learners, as it eliminates the need to know and type in a username and password.

Fun interactions and question types

Young learners will work on age-appropriate problems such as fill-in-the-blank, drag and drop, counting with pictures, sorting objects and more, that are aligned with their level of motor skills.

Colorful and whimsical visuals

IXL is full of stimulating images that capture the imaginations of young students and help them effectively grasp new concepts. 

Awards and certificates

Earning ribbons, medals and virtual prizes for reaching different learning milestones motivates students as they practice. Each student even has their very own awards game board!