Promote parent-teacher collaboration with these helpful resources

IXL can help you collaborate with parents to provide your students with even more support on their learning journeys. Share these resources and work with parents to help foster greater student engagement and motivation!

Prime parents with the basics

Parent handout: When educating parents about IXL, there’s no better place to start than the parent handout (also available in Spanish). This sheet illustrates the core components of IXL that make it a great tool for learning, offers simple ways to use IXL at home, and breaks down how the SmartScore works.

Parent video: The parent guide video (also available in Spanish) shows families how their child learns while using IXL. The video begins with an overview of an IXL skill and introduces the adaptive capabilities of the SmartScore and personalized Recommendations wall. It also teaches parents how to take a peek at their child’s progress with analytics and the Real-Time Diagnostic.

Diagnostic and analytics guides: Ensure parents read our guides for two of the most important features on the platform—the Real-Time Diagnostic and IXL Analytics. These easy-to-read one-pagers show parents how IXL makes understanding their child’s progress simple (also available in Spanish).

Dive deeper with these detailed resources

SmartScore goals poster: Pin the SmartScore goals poster in your classroom and send copies home so parents and children alike can better understand what the SmartScore is and how it benefits their learning. 

Recommendations info sheet: Give parents the Recommendations info sheet for an overview of each type of recommendation their child will receive while learning. 

School break strategies handout: Share the school break strategies handout with parents for simple ways to maintain learning momentum when their child is away from school.