How to use IXL in your homeschool curriculum

“IXL is a uniquely fun way for my children to reinforce the appropriate skills for their ages. It creates a greater confidence in them and in me. IXL also helps me to quickly identify any trouble spots in any given subject that may require more attention,” writes homeschooling parent JoAnn Schork. 

IXL meets the unique needs of each learner with comprehensive K-12 curriculum, personalized guidance, and real-time analytics. Because IXL is designed to be flexible, there are many ways you can use it to support your homeschooling instruction. 

Read a few of our top strategies, and choose the one that works best for you and your child! 

See your child’s current knowledge levels

The IXL Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints your child’s current grade-level proficiency in math and English language arts. Their diagnostic levels are broken down across several key strands, so you’ll be able to see exactly what your child understands, and where they need more support. 

Based on your child’s levels, IXL creates a personalized action plan of the exact skills they’re ready to learn next. These skills are at the perfect level to meet your child where they are and accelerate their progress!

“My sons are at very different levels. IXL has a diagnostic system that assesses them and recommends skills they are missing! We love this because it has caught little holes we hadn’t noticed and let us intervene before it was demoralizing to them to get stuck while doing higher math,” writes homeschooling parent Susie K.

To get started, have your child answer questions in the Diagnostic arena for about 45 minutes per subject. This does not have to be done in one sitting, and you can choose to break it up in whatever way works best for your child! 

Once your child’s levels are pinpointed, we recommend having them continue to answer 10 diagnostic questions each week. This way, your child’s knowledge levels will always stay up to date, and you’ll be able to see their progress as they learn and grow.

To learn more about the Real-Time Diagnostic, check out our parent guide. Or, show your child how to get started with this fun video.


Select skills that match your current resources and goals

Simplify your lesson planning with IXL skill plans. The IXL curriculum team has mapped out your instructional resources and custom-built IXL skills to precisely match every topic.

First, choose your IXL skill plan:

  • Do you use a textbook? IXL skill plans reinforce each chapter of the 40+ most popular textbook series. 
  • Do you want to ensure you’re covering your state’s standards? The IXL skill plan for your state makes this really doable.
  • Is there a test you’re helping your learner prepare for? See the exact skills aligned to the SAT, ACT, NWEA MAP, and more.

Then, suggest the skills you’d like your child to work on. 

Homeschooling parent Lori Collins writes, “I homeschool my girls. I found IXL and I absolutely love it. It goes hand-in-hand with our curriculum, and the fact that it grades their work instantly is awesome, as it makes my job grading easier.”


Use built-in guidance to teach new topics

On IXL, students actively learn by answering questions and receiving immediate feedback, which allows them to build a deep understanding of each concept.

Want to introduce a brand-new topic on IXL? Select the skill, and have your child choose “Learn with an example” at the top of the page. This sample question and explanation provide a helpful overview of the topic, and outline key strategies to solve each problem.

Next, have your child try a few questions. As they continue through the skill, IXL’s question-specific answer explanations will help them work through any mistakes and make lasting progress. Encourage your child to read through each explanation before tackling the next problem. 

If you discover that the topic is too challenging, take a look at the in-skill recommendations at the bottom of the screen. These skills will help your child build knowledge and confidence in the relevant foundational concepts, so that they’re ready to take on the original skill.


Track your child’s progress

As your child makes progress on IXL, you’ll receive helpful insights into their learning. With IXL Analytics, you can see everything your child has worked on, and how well they currently understand each topic.

Get started with these handy reports:

  • Usage: Shows how much time your child has spent on IXL, how many questions they’ve answered, the topics they’ve worked on, and the number of skills they’ve made progress in.
  • Score Chart: If you’ve assigned specific skills and/or set certain SmartScore goals to reach, the Score Chart report can help you quickly see if your child has hit those targets.
  • Trouble Spots: Highlights the concepts your child is struggling with. You can even see the exact questions your child received and missed, which are perfect to review together.
  • Diagnostic stats: See a full picture of your child’s current knowledge in math and English language arts. Plus, personalized skill recommendations show exactly what your child should work on next.

IXL will also send you weekly progress report updates via email, so that you’re always in the loop and don’t have to spend extra time record-keeping. 


Hear what more homeschoolers think

“I’m loving this program so much. It is so in-depth and helps me to stay on track so I don’t have to worry about missing something crucial. It is a wonderful, comprehensive guide and study tool for my kids. They love doing the practice and receiving awards. And I know exactly what they need to know and when. I plan to use this program all the way through high school (my youngest is 9 years old)! I wish I had known about this program long ago.” — Elizabeth A. St. Cyr, homeschooling parent

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