3 popular teacher reports on IXL

IXL Analytics is a powerful tool that offers many ways for teachers to see data about their classroom. Whether you want to take the pulse of your whole roster or drill down and see how one student is faring on a particular skill, there’s a report for you. Here are a few of the more popular reports that teachers find helpful.

Score Grid

Presented like a digital grade book, the Score Grid shows you the SmartScores all your students have achieved in each skill they’ve worked on. It lets you quickly see what you’ve covered on IXL and what you still need to teach. You can even highlight scores above certain thresholds to get a clearer view of which students have met SmartScore goals.

The Score Grid is extremely flexible in how it displays data, letting you filter not only by subject and class but also by state standards and skill plans you have pinned. This makes it simple to see how well your students’ progress in IXL aligns to your curriculum. It’s the ideal report to show to colleagues in collaboration meetings, and you can even export your Score Grid as a spreadsheet to make sharing it a snap.

Trouble Spots

Need to see where your class is struggling so you can get them back on track? Then the Trouble Spots report is the place for you. IXL identifies a trouble spot when a student has missed three questions within a specific item type in a skill, and this report gathers all of your class’ trouble spots into one place. It’s excellent for checking how well your learners understand a skill after a lesson, spotting shared difficulties so you can separate kids into smaller learning groups, and finding students who need one-on-one help.

The report prioritizes trouble spots affecting the most students in your class, but includes items that even just one student is stuck on. Each trouble spot shows you which learners are having problems with that particular item type as well as missed questions you can scroll through. These questions aren’t examples, but actual questions your pupils had difficulties answering. One look at the Trouble Spots report and you have what you need to start reteaching.

Live Classroom

A favorite among many teachers we’ve talked to, the Live Classroom report shows you what skills your students are practicing right now. Every learner in your class is represented by a tile packed with information about what they’re up to. Tiles display the current skill they’re working on, their current SmartScore, the number of questions they’ve answered, and whether the last five questions they’ve answered have been correct or not.

To help you see how your class is doing at a glance, tiles turn different colors depending on each pupil’s status. A red tile means that student has missed three of the last five questions and may need some help, and a grey tile represents an idle student. If you want to get more detailed information, you can click “questions answered” in a tile to see that learner’s recent questions, or you can hover over the short blue bar to see the current question they’re answering.

Live Classroom even enables you to communicate with your learners via the Live Message feature. Click on the airplane icon in a tile to send a student a message, which will appear in their IXL window. You can type your own message or pick from one of IXL’s pre-written quick messages, and students can choose one of four image reactions to reply to you. The Live Classroom report lets you be everywhere at once when your kids are working independently, whether you’re in class or not.

If you haven’t already, try out one of these reports, or explore to find a report that fits your unique classroom needs.