Live Message: Connect with students in real time

A teacher favorite on IXL just got an exciting upgrade! IXL’s Live Classroom now offers a new featureLive Messagewhich allows you to communicate with your students while they are working in IXL. Now, if you notice a student has hit a trouble spot or is off task, you can use Live Message to reach out and offer guidance! 

You’ll see an airplane icon on each student’s tile in Live Classroom. Simply click it to send a message! Type out your own message or choose from a few preset ones. You can even include links in your messages to direct students to important resources or skills to practice. 

When students receive a message, they can respond to you by choosing from a set of reactions. Messages are viewable for one hour before they disappear and you’ll see an icon at the bottom of each message that indicates how much time has lapsed since it was sent. 

Here are a few ideas for how to use Live Message to support learners:

  • Support students who are struggling: When a student’s Live Classroom tile turns red, you can send a helpful message to offer guidance. You can also make use of the recent questions popover in Live Classroomjust click “questions answered” on a student’s tile to see what types of problems are giving them a hard time.
  • Provide positive reinforcement: Use Live Message to send positive feedback to students when they reach a SmartScore goal or master a skill. 
  • Help students get back on track: If a student has stopped working or is practicing the wrong skill, nudge them with a quick message to redirect them.

Live Message is available on the web as well as on the IXL app for iOS and Android! This means that no matter where students are practicing, they can receive and react to messages from their teacher. 

Want more ideas for using the Live Classroom report with your students? Check out our implementation guide.