IXL’s free 2021 winter webinars

With so much on an educator’s plate, there is limited time to take part in comprehensive professional learning that supports your needs. That is why we’ve created free 30-minute webinars that support educator and student growth using core IXL strategies. 

We have webinars supporting test-prep, data-driven instruction, multiple learning models, and many more topics that are helpful to know, whether you’re new to IXL or a veteran. 

The webinars are delivered weekly, January through March, and are presented live by our expert Professional Learning Specialists. Attendees are welcome to comment and ask questions throughout, and if time permits there will be a Q&A period available at the end of each session. Browse all of our winter webinar options below and tell your colleagues about these free, quick, and engaging opportunities!

IXL for Daily Instruction

IXL 101: Get started: New to IXL? Let us show you how to dive in and get going.

Simplify lesson planning with IXL skill plans: Discover how you can use IXL skill plans to save time on lesson planning and reinforce your daily instruction. 

Science and social studies strategies: Tune in for effective ways to keep students engaged in science and social studies classes.

IXL and Data-Driven Instruction 

Uncovering insights in IXL Analytics: Dive into fan-favorite reports from IXL Analytics that help you take instructional action in your classroom.

Standards-based instruction made easy with IXL: Learn how to use IXL’s standards skill plans and analytics to drive your instruction.

Quickly assess students’ levels with IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic: Learn how to use the Real-Time Diagnostic to uncover students’ current knowledge levels and get personalized action plans to close gaps quickly. 

IXL Supports Different Learning Models 

Take your classroom online with IXL: Get tools and strategies to use IXL for virtual instruction and intervention. 

Best practices for hybrid models: Maximize instructional time by implementing best practices for using IXL in a hybrid-learning model.

IXL and Test-Prep 

IXL for test prep: Gather strategies for using IXL to prepare students for success on standardized assessments. 

A better way to prep for the SAT and ACT: See how IXL’s personalized study plans can help each student reach their SAT and ACT test score goals. 

We look forward to seeing you in one of our sessions. Register here today!



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