What’s new on IXL – January 2021

At IXL, we strive to keep our personalized learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. Each month, we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL. 

Read on for a roundup of recent releases, including new math and ELA skill plans, the release of the Real-Time Diagnostic on Android devices, additional language support for math skills, and more!

New features

Real-Time Diagnostic now available on Android tablets 

Now, students don’t have to switch between the app and mobile browsers to diagnose their knowledge levels—they can do it right from the Android app! We’ve also added a new feature to make the diagnostic easier to use on Android devices: Students can tap on their stars to view details about their math or ELA strand, and swipe to view recommended skills to tackle. Read more about how the diagnostic works here or learn about the IXL app here!

Spanish support extended to 6th-grade math skills

Spanish support is now enabled for key 6th-grade math skills, covering topics such as number theory, variable equations, ratios and rates, geometry, and financial literacy. Read this blog post to learn more about IXL’s Spanish support for math!

Meet the Elite 100 of 2020

We are proud to mark our 7th year honoring top IXL teachers from around the world! 

After schools pivoted to a combination of remote and in-person learning, the Elite 100 reinvented instruction with IXL to improve student outcomes and empower classrooms to learn from anywhere. Many teachers used IXL for daily practice, resulting in notable improvements in standardized test scores and classroom performance. Other educators used IXL to identify struggling students and offer targeted intervention so that no child slipped through the cracks while away from the physical classroom. Read about these remarkable teachers’ creative implementation ideas and inspiring teaching stories here

New math and ELA textbook skill plans

To make it even easier to find content that supports daily instruction, we’ve created new skill plans covering math and English language arts textbooks. Check out our skill plan pages to view them all!

Diagnostic notification when students levels are up-to-date

We have added a notification to the Diagnostic that lets students know when their levels are up-to-date. This will help ensure students realize their diagnostic is currently complete and they can stop diagnosing at this time.

Updated features

Updated Learning Hubs for families and teachers

To continue supporting teachers and parents throughout this unique school year, we’ve created Learning Hubs for families and educators! These hubs highlight various learning plans, the Real-Time Diagnostic, implementation guides for any classroom format, and other resources that help users kick off the new year with IXL. 

Upgraded Diagnostic hub

Have you seen our Diagnostic hub? It has resources to help educators leverage the Real-Time Diagnostic for always-accurate data about their students’ knowledge. The Diagnostic hub has a new research section that outlines the correlation between IXL’s Diagnostic, NWEA MAP, and iLEARN results. Check it out here!

Redesigned search results page 

The search results page has been completely redesigned for a more informative, intuitive, and visual search experience. The new page provides a snapshot of each skill, and the user can hover over each one for a more in-depth preview. Signed-in teachers will see an indicator next to each skill that’s been practiced by their students, and teachers can navigate directly to the Skill Analysis report. The redesign also allows for robust filtering by grades and subjects, is optimized for both desktop and mobile, and has been rolled out to all editions!