How IXL supports interdisciplinary learning

IXL’s comprehensive curriculum includes more than 8,000 skills in math, English language arts, science, and social studies. As students learn on IXL, they build a strong understanding of how concepts connect across these different subjects.

By helping students make these connections, and encouraging collaboration between classrooms, IXL ultimately accelerates student growth. See how this interdisciplinary learning works:

Makes connections across disciplines

IXL skills are interwoven to help students build a deep understanding of how concepts connect across disciplines. This holistic approach to learning prepares students for problem solving in real-world contexts.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Science and social studies skills serve as informational texts for English language arts standards, allowing students to simultaneously build subject knowledge, reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills. 

2. IXL Math skills provide students with foundational knowledge that they can apply to the real-life scenarios they encounter in IXL Science.

3. Students can also explore the same theme—such as data interpretation, or cause and effect—across multiple subjects.

Expands collaboration between classrooms

With IXL’s comprehensive curriculum, teachers can easily create instructional strategies that combine multiple subjects. For example, a unit on maps can incorporate IXL skills from social studies, science, and math.

Plus, with IXL Analytics, teachers can see a complete picture of each student’s progress. This allows educators to work together to identify areas of need, and support each student’s overall growth.  


Accelerates growth on standardized tests

Studies have shown that IXL’s approach to interdisciplinary learning works.

Research has proven that schools using IXL outperform schools using any other product or method, and studies show that schools with multiple IXL subjects achieve even greater performance gains.

Plus, research has shown that time spent on IXL Science led to better performance on standardized tests. 

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