Science skill plans are now available on IXL!

In addition to our popular math and language arts skill plans, IXL now offers skill plans for science! 

IXL skill plans take the guesswork out of lesson planning by providing the exact set of skills for students to work on. Whether you are working to keep your students on track with state standards or looking to enhance their textbook learning, we have skill plans specifically designed to fit those needs. 

Science standards skill plans

Our skill plans provide the exact IXL skills needed to master your state standards! Assign skills directly through the plans, and rest assured that your class is learning the appropriate material for your state. Currently, there are science skill plans for 24 states’ standards, with the rest arriving later this spring. 

Check out these science standards for Delaware 4th graders:

Science textbook skill plans

IXL also offers skill plans for two popular science textbooks: FOSS Next Generation (for grades 2-8) and STEMscopes NGSS 3D (for grades 2-3 now, and 4-8 coming soon). 

Skill plans are custom-built to match textbook chapters, so teachers can provide a seamless transition from required reading to online learning, with just the click of a button!

Assigning skills and tracking progress

To suggest a skill to one or more students, simply hover over the star next to a skill and select which students you want to assign the skill to. 

Built-in analytics that display assignment completion and break down student progress make it easy to check for understanding. Teachers can access the Skill Analysis from the report icon next to each skill, and the Score Grid, by selecting “View report” at the top of the skill plan pages. 

With the perfect skills always at your fingertips, you can use IXL to support your whole-class instruction, individual practice, small group work, and more. Keep an eye out for more science skills plans coming soon!