Celebrate classroom successes with an IXL bulletin board

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Create your own IXL bulletin board

Bring your class’s IXL achievements to life with this bulletin board printable pack! It has everything you need to track your class’s progress in a fun and visual way. 

You can spotlight individual students and show overall class progress toward your learning goals. 

Plus, take advantage of handy ways to communicate assignments to your class, share IXL tips and tricks, incorporate IXL Certificates into your classroom, and more.

The bulletin board can also be a great way to represent your IXL Leaderboard competitions visually within your classroom. 


Share your IXL bulletin board

Want to show off your class’s success? Post a photo with the hashtag #WinningwithIXL on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You could be featured on the IXL Blog or on IXL’s social media pages!