District Analytics for leaders and administrators

We’re excited to introduce District Analytics! This new tool helps district leaders and administrators clearly see whether their schools are meeting goals for IXL usage and achievement.

Now, you can see in real time how well teachers and learners are engaging with IXL, as well as whether students are meeting grade-level expectations. Plus, see how your district is tracking against your goals for performance and growth, and how well your schools are meeting research-based best practices for implementation.

District Analytics features flexible reports that enable you to zoom in and out between high-level district insights and in-depth classroom data. Each report uses clear-cut visuals to give an immediate understanding of how your district is doing. If you see something you want to investigate, you can drill down into school- and grade-level insights. This empowers you with the data you need to make decisions and take action!

Read on to learn more about the six new District Analytics reports.

New district reports

District Analytics District Dashboard

District Dashboard

This dashboard features summaries of your district’s IXL use and achievements, all in one place. It’s perfect for getting a quick pulse-check on how your district is doing, and serves as a launchpad into the other reports.

IXL Effect

Research shows that answering at least 15 questions per week on IXL has a positive impact on students’ state test performance. The IXL Effect report helps you track whether students are meeting that goal by showing the average number of questions answered per student per week across the district.

Skill Gains

See whether your schools are achieving proficiency and mastery on IXL skills, which research has shown leads to learning gains. The Skill Gains report shows a skill progress summary: the total skills practiced, proficient, and mastered across the district for the school year.

Extended Learning

The Extended Learning report displays the percentage of questions answered at school and at home (outside of school hours) during the school year, as well as a breakdown of questions answered at school versus at home.

Teacher Engagement

The more engaged teachers are with IXL, the more confident you can be that student outcomes will grow and accelerate throughout the school year. The Teacher Engagement report shows the percentage of teachers active on IXL across the district, as well as active teachers by school.

District Analytics Diagnostic Levels

Diagnostic Levels

The Diagnostic Levels report shows in real time the percentage of students in each grade currently at, above, below, or far below grade level in math and ELA, as well as the percentage of students who do not currently have a pinpointed diagnostic level. It’s an easy way to see whether students are making expected progress at this point in the year.

With District Analytics, you have a powerful tool to successfully implement IXL in your district. Both district leaders and administrators can access District Analytics by clicking on the “District Analytics” tab in the Analytics section while signed in to IXL.