How IXL eases the transition to in-person learning

The long-awaited transition back to in-person learning is underway! And with it, new questions are cropping up for teachers: What will my students’ knowledge levels look like? How should I tailor instruction? Will my students at home still engage with lessons?

Luckily, the IXL tools you used during remote learning will also ease your class into an in-person environment: Our comprehensive curriculum helps you tailor lessons to keep students up to speed; analytics empower you with accurate data about knowledge levels and learning gaps; and other features ensure your students remain engaged throughout the transition. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can ensure a smooth class homecoming with IXL. 

Know exactly where your students stand

During the fall of 2020, educators described the Real-Time Diagnostic, IXL’s adaptive assessment, as an indispensable tool for quickly addressing learning loss stemming from school closures. As students return from distance learning, use the diagnostic to efficiently target your instruction. After students answer questions in the diagnostic, IXL creates a personalized action plan that outlines exactly what each learner knows and precisely what skills they can do next to improve. This makes it even easier to provide the personalized instruction that your students may have missed while at home.

Assign the perfect skills at the perfect level

When schools pivoted to a combination of remote and in-person instruction last year, educators turned to IXL’s comprehensive curriculum to help students continue learning from anywhere. As students return, you can replicate that success by using our adaptive skills to differentiate instruction and engage students at the perfect level.

Use content from previous grade levels to fill in gaps for learners who are struggling during the transition or provide above-grade-level skills to students ready for a challenge. You can also assign custom-built skill plans that are aligned to more than 40 popular textbooks, all 50 state standards, and test prep material for hassle-free lesson planning.

Be in two places at once

Despite the excitement around returning to class, it’s possible that some of your students will be learning in a hybrid environment. Teaching cohorts of students across different settings can be messy, but IXL Analytics helps keep you organized and make data-informed instructional decisions. 

IXL’s Live Classroom shows real-time information on students’ work, no matter where they’re learning from. The report offers an overview of class activity and gives you instant updates when students need support or are idle. Live Classroom’s versatility makes it perfect for tracking student progress in blended learning settings, rotational models, and more!

Take a look at the Students Quickview report to get a snapshot of students’ IXL usage. The report lets you see at a glance what each student has been working on and is a great way to check whether your class has completed their assignments!

Plan for the future

It’s essential that you have a set of tools to support learners no matter where they are during the transition. When in-person learning fully resumes, using IXL will give you a unique opportunity to continue providing more structure, simplify lesson planning, and help students succeed!