How to bridge achievement gaps with IXL

Identifying and addressing gaps in student achievement is a normal part of the teaching process. Every year, students enter classrooms at different levels, and teachers work to personalize learning to meet individual student needs. But this year there’s been very little normalcy as we know it, which has impacted this process, just like everything else. 

Due to the ever-shifting instructional landscape, students are at risk of developing additional achievement gaps, while teachers are more limited in the ways they can identify and address these gaps. 

The good news is that IXL can help! Let’s walk through a process that teachers can implement now and continue when students are back in the classroom full time. 

Identifying and addressing gaps

The first step in addressing achievement gaps is identifying them. Teachers need an accurate measurement of the student’s knowledge levels to see where any gaps might exist. The IXL Real-Time Diagnostic measures each student’s current grade-level proficiency across key math and English language arts strands, so that teachers can always see exactly what each student knows, and how to help them improve.

The Real-Time Diagnostic also identifies each student’s areas for growth, and recommends the exact IXL skills that will help them fill those gaps. By identifying student needs, and providing a personalized action plan to address them, the diagnostic takes a ton of work off teachers’ plates.

See how it works in our implementation guide, or watch the video below!


Supportive learning

IXL’s comprehensive curriculum includes more than 8,500 skills, ensuring that students have access to any concepts they might need to learn. And each IXL skill offers many different features to support students in the learning process. 

When students start a brand-new skill, IXL’s Learn with an Example feature offers students a sample question and solution as a guided walkthrough. 

If a student is struggling with a skill, they can always turn to the in-skill recommendations at the bottom of the screen. These skills assist students in shoring up any gaps in foundational knowledge needed to successfully work through their currently assigned skill.

Track progress

Along the way, IXL makes monitoring student progress simple. Teachers can view Live Classroom to see student work in real time, and even use the Live Message feature to support students who are having trouble.

The Trouble Spots report shows teachers the exact topics that students are struggling with most. By prioritizing the most common gaps, giving details on how each individual student is doing, and providing the exact questions that students have missed, IXL makes it easier for teachers to effectively reteach and get students back on track.

Teachers can also use the Progress and Growth report to measure overall student progress. This report shows students’ diagnostic growth throughout the year, as well as the number of skills that students have worked on, reached proficiency in, and mastered. 

Although this current school year has presented many additional obstacles to the already-challenging process of bridging student achievement gaps, IXL is a valuable resource in the continuous effort to ensure that student gaps are identified, addressed, and successfully bridged.