What’s new on IXL – May 2021

At IXL, we strive to keep our personalized learning platform in line and up to date with students’ evolving needs. Each month, we compile a list of our top new features to help you—as a learner, educator, or parent—get the most out of IXL. 

Please see below for a roundup of releases from the past month, including science standards skill plans for all 50 states, new social studies skill plans, math and ELA skills, Spanish support for pre-K and 7th grade, and more!

New features

Science standards skill plans now available for all 50 states 

We’ve added science standards skill plans for 19 new states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Check out an example of a new standards skill plan here. IXL’s science standards skill plans now cover all 50 states! 

ELA textbook skill plans

We’ve added new textbook skill plans, including: 

  • Benchmark Advance Kindergarten and Grade 4 
  • Springboard Grades 9 and 12
  • TEKS Resource System Kindergarten, Grade 11, and English IV
  • Florida Wonders grades K-5
  • IntoLiterature Grades 8 and 11
  • Units of Study for Teaching Reading Grade K

With these additions, we now offer complete coverage of SpringBoard ELA, Benchmark Advance and TEKS Resource System.

New math skill plans 

We’ve added these math skill plans:

  • enVision Math CCSS Kindergarten
  • enVision Math 2.0 Kindergarten
  • enVision Mathematics Geometry
  • Into Math Grades 2, 6, 7
  • Math in Focus Course 2 (Grade 7)
  • Saxon Math Grade 4
  • Texas GO Math! Grade 8
  • Pearson Common Core Integrated Mathematics I-III

We’ve also made major revisions to the Go Math Texas Grade 3 skill plan. 

New math skills

We’ve released a variety of new math skills, including Algebra and Geometry checkpoint skills! The new skills cover topics such as building functions, linear modeling, equations of parabolas, and more! You can check out all of the new skills here.

New ELA skills

Our new reading strategies skills for Grade 1 help readers engage with passages from multiple angles:

  • Read along with passages about science and nature: Learners listen to engaging informational passages about mangrove trees, slingshots, growing vegetables in space, and more. Audio support highlights each word as it is being read, allowing students to follow along with the text as a professional voice artist models fluent reading. 
  • Order images in a story: Students build visual literacy while learning about sequencing and organization in short fictional passages.
  • Who is the narrator?: Learners listen to short passages and determine who is telling the story. This exercise aids reading comprehension by helping students identify the narrator’s point of view.
  • Use text features: Designed to simulate the experience of looking for information in books, students use this activity to improve reading skills by using text features like titles, captions, table of contents, and glossaries. 

Updated features

Spanish support now available for pre-K and grade 7 math skills 

Spanish support is now enabled for select pre-K and grade 7 math skills in the U.S. edition, covering topics such as counting, shapes, colors, addition and subtraction, equivalent expressions, geometry, and more. Here’s a peek at some of the skills we’re most excited about.

Updated alignments for Texas pre-K math and ELA standards

We’ve updated our alignments for the Texas Pre-kindergarten Guidelines for math and ELA, including adding alignments to the Emergent Literacy Writing strand!