Fun family activities for summer learning

Summer vacation is the perfect time for your child to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean they need to put their learning journey on pause! As a parent, you can keep your child engaged and up to date on the skills they’ve learned with a variety of online resources, as well as fun in-person activities. 

Whether your child is learning from the beach or at home, these resources will help them excel for the summer and beyond! 

Keep them practicing on paper 

Taking today’s study session to the local park? Your child can practice from anywhere, including the great outdoors, with IXL’s workbook collection. Featuring essential math skills for learners at 1st through 5th grade levels, your child can brush up on general topics or refine their understanding of specific grade-level skills, including addition, subtraction, fractions, and more. also offers a free library of easy-to-read printable worksheets that you can take on the go. Make it a fun activity and let your learner choose a different worksheet each day! 

Make their learning mobile 

Tailor-made for tablets and phones, the IXL app is useful year-round, but especially during summer. Inspire your learner to keep their diagnostic levels up to date or have them continue their progress on IXL skills they practiced during the year. Whether your child is on a long car ride or having a quiet day at home, the IXL mobile app can keep them engaged with fun, interactive questions and exclusive features, including scratchpad technology. Remember: award season is year round! Encourage your student to reach mastery in previous skills and earn rewards. 

Expand their vocabulary 

Summer is a time for conversation and a natural time for learners to practice and expand their vocabulary. With over 10,000 curated vocabulary lists available, is the perfect place to review existing vocabulary and discover new words. 

Interested in helping your learner get more out of reading? You can find tailored vocabulary lists for this summer’s most popular children and teen novels, or create your own list based on your child’s favorite books.’s mobile app also makes it easy to access lists on the go or for some added fun at the dinner table. 

Foster their creativity 

For most kids, the joy of summer is in the freedom to flex their creative side. Parents can have fun finding a wide array of creative opportunities for their children, including trips to the local art museum or at-home arts and crafts, gardening, or cooking projects (see The Kids’ Table for affordable virtual cooking classes). If your child is looking to pick up a fun new skill, Wyzant’s 65,000+ community of online 1-1 tutors can also help them master whatever instrument, sport, or coding platform they choose. When students flex their creativity, they can return to the classroom with added confidence. 

For more opportunities to expand your child’s learning and confidence this summer, check out IXL’s Summer Resource page