How to talk to kids about summer school

After a year stuck inside, kids may not jump at the opportunity to spend their long awaited summer break in school. But summer school is more than just a last resort for those who have fallen behind; it’s a way to meet new friends, keep busy, and ensure kids are up to speed for the coming year. 

Get kids past the stigma and excited about summer school by helping them understand what it’s really like:

Summer school is for everyone, regardless of academic ability

Kids may think that summer school is only for students who have been held back, but the reality is that anyone who wants an extra boost can attend. There’s no better feeling than starting the year out confident in your academic abilities, so remind kids that participating in summer school will ensure that they’re well prepared and ready to start learning more challenging material. 

It helps you get back into a routine

After a year at home, getting back into the swing of things can be tricky! Even soccer games and birthday parties might feel overwhelming to kids who haven’t been able to spend time with their peers all year. Share with your child how summer school will help them get used to having a daily schedule again and to gear up for the busy year ahead. 

It’s a great way to meet friends

Especially after such an isolating year, kids could use some quality time with their peers. And summer school is the perfect opportunity for kids to meet new friends and hang out with old ones! Rather than worrying about when and how they’ll be able to see classmates, summer school provides a built-in excuse for kids to get together with their friends every day. 

… And it doesn’t mean you have to cancel summer vacation

Attending summer school doesn’t mean you have to scratch your family vacation! In fact, staying in town this summer provides the perfect opportunity to get to know your city or state even better. Try exploring some nearby monuments and museums, plan a weekend camping trip, or visit the local amusement park!

Framing summer school in a positive way is key to ensuring kids don’t get caught up in the stigma of it. Remind them about how exciting it will feel to be back in a classroom, and how great they’ll feel to start school in the fall feeling confident and prepared.