Resetting SmartScores for teachers

IXL’s SmartScore is designed to give teachers the best possible information on students’ current understanding of skills. Now, teachers have a valuable tool to help make SmartScores work better for them: resetting SmartScores for their classes. This brings student SmartScores back to zero and starts them from the beginning of a skill, giving teachers more freedom to revisit useful skills on IXL.

When to reset SmartScores

SmartScore resets can be helpful when it’s time to review. If you’re ready to assign a skill to your students, but you see they already worked on it in a previous year, you can reset their SmartScores to start with a clean slate. The same is true for skills you covered earlier in the semester that you’d now like to go over before an assessment.

When not to reset SmartScores

In cases where your students are having difficulty with a skill, IXL recommends not resetting SmartScores. IXL has several resources to help students who are struggling, including step-by-step answer explanations and in-skill recommendations, which empower students to take ownership of their learning.

It’s also a best practice for teachers who team teach to check with their co-teachers before resetting a skill, in order to make sure their colleague is not currently working on that skill with students. There is no way to undo a SmartScore reset, so it’s best to prevent mistakes before they happen.

How to reset SmartScores

You can reset SmartScores by going to the Skill Analysis report in the Analytics tab, bringing up the report for the skill you’d like to reset, then clicking the Reset SmartScores button in the top-right corner of the Class breakdown section. For Checkpoints, the Reset SmartScores button can be found in the Skill Analysis report at the bottom of the Skill overview section. You can choose to reset SmartScores for specific classes or your entire roster.

How to reset SmartScores screenshot

Analytics data and SmartScore resets

SmartScore resets will not erase student Analytics data for most reports; you will just need to change a report’s settings slightly to access it. After you have reset SmartScores on a skill, you can see data from before the SmartScore reset in Analytics reports by changing the report’s range from “this school year” to “all time.”

The one exception to this is the Trouble Spots report, which will clear its student data for a skill after you reset SmartScores.

Learn more about the SmartScore

The IXL SmartScore ensures students are challenged at just the right level while guiding them to truly master skills. For more information on the SmartScore, and some strategies to help students succeed with it, check out our SmartScore blog post.

You can also watch these videos to get SmartScore tips from IXL Senior Professional Learning Specialist Jen Rinkes, based on her 20+ years of classroom experience:

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