IXL’s instructional resources: Tools to empower independent learning

IXL’s instructional resources support student learning in the classroom and at home! These resources empower students to learn independently, whether they’re solidifying their knowledge or tackling brand-new concepts.

Engaging videos, step-by-step explanations, and IXL Lessons expand learning opportunities for students by offering multiple ways to review content and learn new skills. These instructional resources are customized to the exact IXL concept that students are working on, so they can learn from concrete examples. 

Let’s dive in to our four instructional resources:

Engaging video tutorials 

IXL has video tutorials to help students learn middle school math skills! Created in partnership with expert instructors from Wyzant the largest tutoring network in the U.S. these 1800+ bite-sized videos cover strategies for tackling IXL skills.

Each accompanying video lesson introduces the specific concept covered in the IXL skill in a captivating and succinct way. The videos feature a variety of tutors with different approaches to teaching, helping bring math concepts to life.

See video tutorials in action:


Practice with examples to cement understanding 

IXL’s Learn with an example feature empowers students to learn math and English language arts skills independently. Before starting an IXL skill, students can see a full sample problem and walk through a step-by-step explanation of how to solve it. This gives learners a solid foundation for understanding the concept, so they can begin practicing it for themselves.


Detailed answer explanations for real-time learning 

While working on any skill within IXL’s curriculum, students receive immediate feedback to help them learn from their mistakes! 

If a student answers a question incorrectly, IXL provides the correct answer as well as a step-by-step explanation of how to solve the specific problem they missed. These detailed explanations show students precisely where they went wrong on a question and help them to solidify their knowledge of the concept.


Easily learn new topics with IXL Lessons 

IXL Lessons are a convenient and efficient way to learn the building blocks of a new topic. Like mini study guides, Lessons make it easy for learners to quickly dive into a concept and grasp critical material.

Currently available for 3rd grade math through Algebra I, each Lesson introduces the topic, provides a high-level review of key vocabulary, and walks through sample problems. When students are ready to practice a particular topic, the Lesson recommends one or more of IXL’s math skills to work on. 

See all of our IXL instructional resources in action:

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