How IXL delivers a truly personalized learning experience

IXL reimagines traditional learning by making it possible for teachers to prioritize students’ individual needs. By applying technology in innovative ways, IXL is able to help unlock students’ potential and give them the tools they need to excel. 

And, IXL offers more than just a great learning platform. It’s trusted by schools in all of the top 100 U.S. school districts because it offers teachers and administrators the support they need to boost classroom efficiency and maximize collective success. Here are some of the top reasons schools and districts choose IXL:

Expertly crafted curriculum

IXL’s curriculum is designed by educational experts to make learning on IXL the best possible experience for students. Eighty-five percent of the curriculum development team holds a master’s degree or higher in their subject area, and many of them are also former educators with real classroom experience. 

So, producing quality material in a digestible format is the top priority of our content experts. You can rest assured that students are receiving cutting-edge curriculum in a researched-backed format that is proven to accelerate learning.

Hands-on support whenever you need it

IXL is a deeply committed support system, too. When you sign up for a school or district account with IXL, or even as an individual teacher, we become your trusted partner, offering top-notch onboarding, support, and implementation support from our customer success and professional learning teams.

Your dedicated account manager acts as an extension of your own team, providing you with everything you need to drive an effective IXL implementation. Regular check-ins, data reviews, customized action plans, and more, ensure that you’ll always be able to personalize learning and prioritize your students’ education.

And, your feedback matters! We are actively listening to your suggestions and are constantly adding content and features to meet your evolving needs.

Flexible design principles

IXL strives to foster independent thought and a love of learning by giving students the tools they need to take control of their education and thrive. Our engaging interface and interactive skills encourage students to push their learning limits and explore new topics and levels at their own pace. Plus, personalized data helps students understand themselves as learners and make informed decisions about what learning strategies will best help them grow.