IXL Group Jam: A fun way to collaborate!

IXL Group Jam is an exciting new way for classrooms to work together on an IXL skill! All students in a Group Jam will see the same IXL question at the same time, creating new opportunities for classroom collaboration. 

During an IXL Group Jam, teachers can gauge their entire class’s understanding of the topic in real time, and make informed decisions on the best next steps to take. 

Enhance whole-class instruction

Posing a question to the entire class is a hallmark of classroom teaching. With Group Jam, teachers can ask the question directly on IXL! 

And rather than having to call on an individual student to answer, teachers are able to see each and every student’s response on IXL. 

Easily measure class understanding

IXL Group Jam allows teachers to evaluate their entire class’s understanding of a topic and make decisions accordingly. For example, based on how their students respond, teachers may decide to keep working on the concept as a class, break into smaller groups, or move on to an easier or harder question. 

Create fun jam sessions

Group Jam opens up new ways to engage the entire class on IXL. For example, teachers can encourage the class to work together to solve the problem. Or, they can make the Group Jam into a fun competition to see who will answer the most questions correctly. Group Jams can be flexibly used in the way that works best for each classroom!


Getting started

To start a Group Jam, sign in to your teacher IXL account and select the skill you’d like to work on as a class. On the skill page, under the “Teacher Tools” section, select “Start Group Jam.” Then, select the students you’d like to include in the Group Jam, and get started!



See results

New for July 2022: Teachers can now see a summary at the end of each Group Jam session! This summary helps you review and analyze the results of each Group Jam. For example, you can see which students might need extra help, and which questions were the trickiest for students to answer.

Unlike IXL Analytics reports, the Group Jam summary is only available right at the end of the Group Jam session. In order to access it afterwards, be sure to take a screenshot or make a note of your takeaways!



See Group Jam in action

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