Resource roundup: SAT and ACT test prep

High school is a busy time, with many students looking ahead to higher education. We want to make sure they’re as prepared as possible—which is why we’ve put together this helpful roundup of test prep materials. 

These tailored resources take the mystery out of standardized exams, and provide learners with knowledge they can expect to apply on test day. Share these with your students, or use them as a guide to make sure your child feels ready to excel on the SAT or ACT! 

Personalized study plans from IXL

Available for both SAT and ACT prep, IXL’s study plans allow learners to enter their scores from a prior test or practice exam and receive a personalized list of the exact IXL skills they need to work on. They can update their scores at any time to ensure that their targeted skills are always relevant to their knowledge levels! 

Like general IXL skill practice, each IXL skill included on a study plan eases students into higher difficulty levels. With immediate feedback, students are able to build a strong understanding of key concepts while learning from their mistakes! 


Roadmap to the SAT and ACT by

To ensure students get the most out of their study sessions, created the Roadmap to the SAT and Roadmap to the ACT. These adaptive programs prepare students for the reading section of SAT and PSAT exams, and major sections of the ACT, including key math and science vocab. 

Over the course of eight to ten weeks, each Roadmap empowers students to master the words they’re most likely to see on test day. With weekly practice activities and quizzes, the program is flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace, while providing targeted instruction that focuses on the unique set of words each student should familiarize themselves with.

1:1 tutoring from Wyzant

With over 65,000 tutors, Wyzant is a fantastic resource for students looking to boost their SAT or ACT studying with live 1:1 lessons. A Wyzant tutor will help your child hone in on a particular concept, plus give them more information on what to expect on test day and how to find the best study routine for them. 

On Wyzant, it’s easy to find an instructor that fits your needs and price range, and all sessions are remote and flexible to fit your student’s schedule. If your learner is struggling with a topic or looking for additional practice, 1:1 tutoring can provide the additional support they need!