What are IXL Rockstars?

More than 12 million students use IXL to strengthen their learning. One way that we recognize their outstanding achievements is with the IXL Rockstars program!

Rockstars are students who have answered 10,000 or more questions on IXL, as well as classes who have answered 100,000 or more questions. They’re submitted by parents and teachers from all over the world to celebrate their learners’ achievements!

Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and website to see where Rockstars are featured. In our Rockstar Roundup each Friday, we update our Facebook album with the latest IXL Rockstars.

Image of IXL Rockstars Facebook album

Do you know a student who has reached this milestone, and want them to be featured as an IXL Rockstar? Check out the submission tips and FAQs below!

Celebrating your IXL Rockstars

Once your child or class has reached Rockstar status, you’ll receive an email from IXL to alert you. Want to double-check for yourself? You can always go to the certificates center and look for “questions answered” certificates!

Then, you can put together an excellent IXL Rockstars submission in a few simple steps.

First, print out the certificate that shows how many questions your student, child, or class has answered on IXL. If printing the certificate is inconvenient, then feel free to show it on a tablet or computer screen instead.

Now, you’re ready to take your Rockstar photo. Here are some tips:

  • Select your location. Choose an area that will give your subject(s) lots of soft, even light, as well as a visually interesting background. 
  • Gather your props. Make sure the IXL certificate can be clearly seen in the photo. If you’d like, you can also include some of our fun Rockstar printables.
  • Take the photo. Position the camera so that your Rockstar(s) take up most of the image, and encourage them to smile!
  • Need inspiration? You can see examples of great Rockstar photos in the IXL Facebook album.

Finally, send the photo to rockstars@ixl.com with a caption from the student. Some prompts for captions are:

  • What is your favorite part of IXL?
  • How has IXL supported your learning journey? 
  • What do you like to do outside of school? 

Captions can either summarize the Rockstar’s response, or they can be a direct quote.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to submit Rockstar photos?

Send an email to rockstars@ixl.com, with the Rockstar photo attached and the caption in the body of the email. We will also accept Rockstar submissions posted to the IXL Facebook page or sent via Facebook Messenger.

My student has answered over 10,000 questions/my class has answered over 100,000 questions, but I never received an email about it. Where can I find their certificate?

You can find the certificates your student has earned in the certificates center, which is located in the Awards tab. Scroll through the list until you find the most recent certificate earned showing the total number of questions your student has answered.

Can siblings be featured in the same Rockstar photo?

Yes, absolutely! To keep things fair to other students, we ask that each sibling reach 10,000 questions answered individually to be featured.

I’m a teacher. What should I do if I can’t submit a photo of my class due to social distancing or school closures?

If you have any previous photos of your class, we’d be happy to share those to celebrate their Rockstar success. Alternatively, you can create a collage of student photos to represent your classroom and send that in. Or, we’d of course be happy to accept a photo at a later date, whenever you’re able to take one.

Can you feature my IXL Rockstar on the IXL Instagram page or website?

We share all of our IXL Rockstar photos in our Facebook album, which is updated every Friday. We also spotlight individual Rockstars on Instagram on Wednesdays, and we add selected Rockstars to the IXL website a few times each year. If you’d like your student(s) to receive these additional spotlights, be sure to follow the tips above to capture a great Rockstar photo and include a compelling caption!